Waterproof Connections

Power connectors help us connect the technology we enjoy on an everyday basis. Do you enjoy your 60″ plasma television? It’s quite likely that a power connector makes that possible.

But as anyone that has ever spilled a glass of water on an electronic component knows, electronics are not always known for being waterproof. That is, unless the electronic component in question uses IP67 waterproof connectors.

What are IP67 waterproof connectors? They are connectors that (typically) are mounted on an enclosure. This helps them to resist water and dust from entering the enclosure. This definitely comes in handy in situations where the enclosure of a connector MUST be sealed against a harsh environment.

What does each character of the IP67 designation mean though? IP stands for Ingress Protection. That makes sense, as they prevent the ingress of water and dust. The number 6 designates that the connector protects against the ability of dust to enter into the enclosure. The number 7 represents that the connector can withstand a submersion into water for up to 30 minutes. This does not mean, however, that the connector is guaranteed to OPERATE under water. Only that it won’t be damaged and that water won’t enter the enclosure for up to 30 minutes.

IP67 waterproof connectors

How They Are Used

The fact that IP67 connectors are waterproof makes it an obvious fit in a few applications. They work well in industrial machinery, testing equipment, GPS systems, communication systems, and outdoor surveillance equipment. They are also commonly used on construction sites (where dust is prevalent). They comes in many shapes and sizes, which makes them a flexible and popular solution. One popular use for the IP67-rated connector is in a d-sub.

So in conclusion, when you are looking for a connector that can withstand some of the harshest environments (including water and dust), reach for the IP67 waterproof connector. You’ll be glad that you did.